Héctor Huitrón Contreras better known artistically as "Huitrón" is an author and musician born in the city of Durango, Dgo, Mexico, on December 17, 1988. Since adolescence he was performing in the musical field, he learned to sing and play with some friends musicians and lyricals different genres including rock, pop, funk, alternative, bossa nova, gypsy, salsa and son cubano. Since 2016 he began to reside in Mexico City (Cdmx), where he started and started his career as a soloist, creator and composer of his own songs and projects. Between the years 2016 and 2017, he recorded and published his most recent artistic work entitled "Natura - Huitrón", in addition to this he recorded the official video of the first single of the album. To date, this project has been presented in different parts of Mexico City (Cdmx) and the Mexican Republic, carrying out activities such as: Live sessions in recording studios, acoustic presentations in tv shows and youtube channels, participation in festivals and events in some forums.

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Natura is an original music project in which the future life that the use of technology offers us is expressed. Music and lyrics reflected the desire of human beings to transcend and bring life on earth to other places, preserving aspects like love, no racism, no discrimination, peace, unity, the encounter with oneself, keep the essence and be aware of the real human beings that we are. To express, reflect and make understand all this, a type of show is presented in which sound frequencies that come from concepts such as alternative rock, experimental, yoga, mantra, among others, are performed. Creating atmospheres and presenting background visuals transmitted on "Led" screens that envelop the viewer taking him to a state of awareness and understanding of the theme of the concept (Natura).

What we need?

Today, I am looking for a sponsor to carry out this concept to an event through a presentation-show in Mexico City (cdmx), inside the Plaza "Forum Buenavista", place where a large number of people visit daily . For this, it is required to place a small stage with details of Audio, lighting and general backline including a led screen background to carry out said presentation, which is also intended to record with quality audio and video. The cost of all this comes to approximately $ 2,600.00 USD. The event will include inviting other artists where each one can present their respective projects.

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Remuneration for the sponsor

1. The spectators will be given t-shirts and caps that contain information regarding the musical projects of each artist, also providing a space where the logo of the sponsor is shown.

2. In all advertising goes the legend "The name of the sponsor presents", for example:
- Posters that are published on social networks (Facebook, twitter, Instagram) of all artists.
- Canvases and flyers to paste in public places, as well as inside the event.
- Videos (The recording of video and audio that is captured).

3. A free concert when they require it for some other event.

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